Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Armies From Paper & Tile - A Victim Of My Own Success

Yeah, it happened. My family caught wind of what I was up to with all of those tiles, and now they want in. My son decided he wanted an army of puppies, and my daughter wants an army of bunnies to play against me. Heavens only knows how I am going to pull that off.

I was actually thinking of doing Star Wars Angry Birds for the boy, since he's super into that, and it is immenently more practical than trying to make armed puppies. There are some sticker sheets we have which would aid me immensely in this endeavor. A representative example of one is above.

As for bunnies. -Sigh- I have no real idea. I guess I will have to do some illustrating myself, then run them past the girl and see if she approves the designs. On the one hand, this is more work right off of the bat, but does reduce the need for me to redo and waste tiles. Now I just need to come up with designs for pink bunny tanks and infantry.

Speaking of different troop types, my own army is coming along relatively well, and I am currently working up a few different additional designs to make my army more flexible for different scenarios or game sets (switching from Hordes Of The Things to Combat Cards, for instance, would require more and different troop types). I should have a few more styles banged out to show you. I also have my Army's commander completed, but I'm not sure if I'm really happy with it, so  I might wait on posting it.

Stay tuned!

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