Saturday, November 30, 2013

Articulated Monster Podcast #82

This episode is entitled "James Is Lazy, James Is Forgetful, Mario is a Jackass." I make this as a minor exception to my anti-profanity rule, as the term Jackass is technically not a swearword, but rather a type of donkey. So there.

In this episode we actually had quite a bit of fun. We're sort of back on a hot streak, and I wanted to actually post when this episode came live. I'm the second James in the title, by the way, so I'm Forgetful, and not Lazy.

Anyway, we're kind of trying to get this back to a serious production, after a bit of a hiatus where we were just screwing around. If there are any questions you want a panel of quasi-professional toy reviewers to field, leave a comment!

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