Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Covenant Of Antarctica - Pre-Order Critique

Hey all, Counterfett here! So I saw these the other day and figured since I am more than passing interested in steampunk-y type skirmish games, I would take a look at the release of a new faction for Dystopian Legions. I know, I know, the Covenant is not a new faction, but this is their first appearance in the infantry scale game.

I did want to raise a small point. I often take a little bit of flak for using figures that look too "WWII" as stand-ins for Steampunk figures. Now look at the Antarctica Drone Controller, above, and tell me what you see? It looks a lot like a British tank crewman, doesn't it? From about when, would you say? Around WWII? Maybe the desert war? It's not perfect, but it sure bears some similarities.

Also, to the other extreme, this guy here looks like you took an Austrian Cuirassier from about 1814 and gave him a tesla rifle or something. I think this is more what people have in mind when they slam my stuff, but still.

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Dystopian Legions releases so far, and these guys do look nice, if a bit...unrelated to me. Just something I wanted to tirade about, I guess.


paws4thot said...

I'd agree with your comments on the period of the 2 illustreded figures, particularly the "drone controller".

The cuirrissar (sp) could be a from a later period and in parade uniform.

CounterFett said...

I suppose that's true.