Saturday, November 16, 2013

Making Armies From Paper And Tile - Operation Rolling Thunder

Well, in part two of my journey into madness brings us to armored fighting vehicles. What self respecting army can make do without tanks? I knew I wanted tanks, and I knew I wanted them to be 'chibi' to reduce the visual disparity in having them in the same force as the irrepressibly adorable Misakas. Ideally, they would also be Com-blok surplus in appearance, to go with Masaka 10777's gear.

I found an artist online who made pixel art in the style of the old Advance Wars games, who had a T-80 era MBT with reactive armor which seemed just perfect. The problem was that it was at the actual scale of the video game (i.e. maybe 20 x 35 pixels). Blowing it up to a usable scale to match the Misakas destroyed any detail. So I had to edit it in Paint. The results are mixed, but they look good enough I'm not embarassed to have them in the army.

Up next: Command!

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