Friday, November 15, 2013

Making An Army From Paper And Tile - Project Radio Noise

Alternative Title: My Army Is More Adorable Than Yours.

'We are all Misakas.'
So, amazingly, I actually managed to make progress on one of my hobby related projects. Of course, it was maybe one of the silliest ideas I have had since the army of evil snowmen that never quite got off the ground. In the Certain Magical Index / Scientific Railgun animes, there is a shared story arc called 'Sisters,' in which a powerful psychic named Misaka Mikoto is cloned, and Academy City makes an army of her duplicates that can control electricity and communicate telepathcically within the 'network.'

Even after their arc is completed, the surviving 'Misaka Sisters' make periodic appearances. The image donor for my infantry is Misaka 10777, a clone who helps the Original in volume 21-22, during the World War III story arc. As she has been living in Russia, she forgoes the normal Tokiwidai middle school uniform for fatigues and an Ushanka. Instead of the FS2000 looking assault rifle, she carries an AK-47. 10777 is about the best part of that story arc.

Like I talked about yesterday, these are just laser printed images I scanned from the light novel, placed on the back of thin adhesive tile, and cut out with scissors. I used binder clips to hold the reversed sides together and also act as a base. Unforeseen issues have arisen from the fact the tiles are slightly concave on the image side, but I think that might resolve itself if I put them under something heavy.

Up Next: Armor!

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