Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Minecraft Action Figures Series 1 - Steve?

Well, I'm not the hugest minecraft fan in the world, but I did love Terraria to death, which is pretty darn similar. Also, these hit just the right niche between "action figure" and "minifigure" to be irresistible. So when I came across the whole series in Toys r Us over the weekend, my wife decided we needed to get all of them. I protested only very lightly.

They're actually pretty cool.

So Steve? I take it is the protagonist of the game if you don't give him another skin. He's a pretty vanilla dude. This is how I dressed in junior high. You can get him one of two ways, either in the original pack, or the survival pack, which comes with a workbench, chest, and bed. Pretty spiffy extras. Of course, my wife took all of the cool accessories, so I got a both figures with a wooden sword and iron pickaxe. Oh, and a bed. She's so funny.

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