Monday, November 11, 2013

Minifig Monday - Iron Man and Drone

So, ever since the Marvel LEGO sets came out, I've wanted an Iron Man. But the cheapest set to have him in it was like $13, and I wasn't terribly interested in the other stuff that came in the set. Honestly, Mandarin the Minifig is a guy where the most interesting accessory he comes with is a beard.

So when KE554 and I came across this $4 set at TRU the other day, she couldn't pass it up. And, she was gracious enough to let me photo it! It's a pretty slick fig. His helmet does flip up if you want to have a Tony Stark photo-op. Though because he has no chest piece, the head seems abnormally large.

The drone is a bit of a nice touch too. I've always been into unmanned military robots, so a new drone is always a good thing. KE554 is mostly interested in it because she wants to turn it into a Geth bomber. Well, I can see that, I guess.

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Tomsche said...

For that price, you should stock up a couple of the unopened bags.

Big franchise promo sets tend to skyrocket in price giving it a few years.