Monday, November 4, 2013

Minifig Monday - Racoonity Mario & Choco Rhino

My wife insists that thing is called a Choco Rhino, despite it looking pretty clearly like a Triceratops to me. I don't know, I never played Super Mario Land, or World, or whichever one was on the SNES. I missed that generation Nintendo Platform do to the Sega Genesis.

But I did have Super Mario 3 for the NES. As such I was waiting long and hard for Racoonity Mario. I wish he were blue and red, but we can't have everything. He's pretty darn awesome.


Mario! said...

I always called these guys Reznor. In Super Mario World (for the SNES), they showed up as mini-bosses with a sign behind them that said "Reznor."

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I'm familiar with Reznor (he's in a lot of emulator hacks for PC). Didn't know what he was from.

Any idea what the regular enemy who looked like this was called?