Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Toys For Wargaming - Mega Bloks Call Of Duty

Ok, I pretty much got these guys just to be nameless henchmen in LEGO wargaming. But they are pretty darn cool in their own right. Given how much I love video games in general, and shooters in particular, everyone always assumes that I love the Medal of Honor / Call of Duty type franchises. This could not be further from the truth, I have never gone for those sorts of games.

That said, getting the license is a pretty major coup for Mega Brands. Thse figures are sweet, if a little labor intensive to assemble. The vests, belts, thigh rigs, accessories, are all modular and interchangeable. The guns go even a step further, being assembled from receiver, barrel, stock, upper accessory, and lower accessory. That all the parts come in a variety of colors to boot makes this a pretty awesome set.

These are the alpine rangers. Next time we will look at a set I'm even more excited about...the Navy Seals!


Dr Syn said...

I'm still holding out hope that these will end up in New Zealand this year or early next year.

I'll import if I have to, I just want these fantastic little micro-action figures.

CounterFett said...

They're AMAZING. The guns alone are worth the price of purchase, as far as I'm concerned.