Sunday, December 15, 2013

Call Of Duty Mega Bloks - Drone Attack

This is one of the very few construction sets I have bought in the past decade where I was more excited about the set than the minifig. Don't get me wrong, the minifig is plenty cool, but it's really all about that drone.

Just look at that bad boy! It's got twin HMGs (the same barrel as Jorge's gun from Halo Reach), and a triple rocket launcher. It looks quite a bit like an upscaled real world combat drone. It will make a superlative heavy combat robot in future wargaming. Like a guard or sentry bot on a scavenging mission. Or maybe an escort for robo-VIPs. I'm sure you will see this again. I might actually want to get more of these. They're just that awesome!


Magos Kasen said...

That is indeed very cool, it reminds me of the traktor-muls from Infinity.

CounterFett said...

It reminder me of the Gun Tractor from Zombiesmith's Quar line, but yeah, I see what you're getting at.