Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gaming With LEGO - Corporate Competition

So I needed an enemy force for my pirate gang to go up against, but I didn't want to spend the kind of time making a custom force that I spent on the pirates. Also, I wanted them to be individually powerful ,as I didn't want to spend a lot of time controlling them during the game. Low model count was a must, as the goal here was to play my pirates, not some other group.

So I decided to use my recently obtained Crayboth figures as robots. They are counting as armored heroes from the 'good guy' list, essentially terminators. The olf UFO series extraterrestrial / robot in the middle is the 'Squad Commander.'

What I envision for these guys is that they are a corporate salvage / acquisitions team. As such, they will be going after the same resources and objectives as my pirate gang on a fairly regular basis. Not bad considering I didn't want to do any work forr them, huh?


SinSynn said...

No, not bad at all!
Pretty friggin' clever, in fact, and who wouldn't get a kick out of seeing a proxy Lego army across the table?
Iz hysterical!

MIK said...

Those Crayboth are so cool!

Love the UFObot in the middle, those things were the best.