Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gaming With LEGO - Scallywags!

Hey all, Counterfett here. Didn't mean to go this long without continuing this chain of thought, but as my wife says: 'Shhh-tuff happens.'

So I assembled my gang of scurvy dogs over the weekend. I decided I was finally going to play the Future Wars rules I found so long ago on the freewargamesrules.co.uk site that I love so much. As such, I assembled my little boarding party from the 'bad guys' list. I wanted them to hit hard, but not be stupifyingly armored. Basically, analogous to chaos marines.

First, the Able Crew. These are 'marines' at 40 points each (I gave them an extra weapon so they would have two attacks in CC, since I had 20 points left over). This is a pretzel girl body and hair with space cyborg legs, and an Aela the Huntress head. She's got a Brickarms Battle Rifle and Brickforge hatchet. With her is my cyborg, made from Space Cyborg body, plain black legs, cyborg ninja head, pirate bandanna. He's got the new Brickwarriors avenger rifle (been waiting for an excuse to use that!), and I figured his claw would count as a ccw.

Next, the senior crew. These are statted as 'berserkers,' since I figured the more experienced pirates would be tougher and sporting better gear. We have the engineer with circular saw and phaser. He's just the blind packed painter with a welding mask. The first mate is made from the sailor body, girl head, barbarian hair, and Aela's legs. I think I was originally using this figure to make the girl from Ga-Rei Zero, but I'm not sure at this point.

Last, every ship needs a bloodthirsty captain (statted as the lord), and I challenge you to find a LEGO man bloodthirstier than this one! He's made from leftover black body and legs, the evil dwarf head (sans beard) Brickforge space marine armor, and an original pirate captain bicorne. He's got a mean old scimitar and a Brickforge mega blaster.

Still need names for pirate ships though, so leave a comment if you have suggestions!


Magos Kasen said...

A mean looking crew indeed.

Given the ship will be operating in the Charybdis system, I suggest calling it the Scylla.

CounterFett said...

Ooh, that's cood!

MIK said...

You've always got cool parts combinations. Love the robot in there too.