Thursday, December 12, 2013

Glyos Order Arrived Part I - LYMERRAN CRAYBOTH

So, I had been wanting to order from the Glyos store for a while, and I had a little bit of Paypal balance that was not really worth doing anything else with, so I got some Glyos figures!

These are Lymerran Crayboths. Lymerran refers to the color option, they have neat little back stories for all of the color schemes that fit into the backstory of how the figures interact with each other. Essentially, this is the closest thing I could get to olive drab.

Crayboth refers to the figure type itself. They are neat little figures with articulated arms and legs. They come cheap. In fact the two of these combined only came to 75% of the cost of the one other figure I bought, but that guy is a story for another post.

They're pretty cool so far. They remind me a lot of a combination of Battle Beasts and MUSCLES. A definite good thing.

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