Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pre-Order Critique - Mantic Deadzone Rebs

Hey all, Counterfett here. Following up on yesterday's post about the Enforcers, this morning we take a look at the flip side of that coin: the Rebs. The Rebs are a pretty straightforward alien and human coalition which opposes the Corporation (I think that's the guys who have the enforcers). Sort of like the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars.

As befits their back story, instead of heavy equipment or cutting edge weaponry like the Enforcers, the Rebs instead have those places filled by alien infantry. The Rebs in general look disheveled, makeshift, and less organized than the Enforcers. I think Mantic has done a phenomenal job of making a counterpoint force here, though I suppose these guys would be a lot harder to paint to a decent standard than the more conventional forces.

The neat thing is that, unlike 40k, these Rebs do not look like they are necessarily 'evil' like Traitor Guard or Chaos Marines are. Kind of a gray area army choice. In fact, they way these guys are dressed and painted makes them somewhat reminiscent of Serenity/Firefly Browncoats. Not a bad thing.

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