Friday, December 6, 2013

Pre Order Critique - Mantic Deadzone Marauders

Marauders = Orks.If you keep this is mind, it's pretty straightforward. This se is pretty neat, as it includes 4 Commandos, a Captain, two battlesuits (one with a chaingun, the other with what look like reciprocating saws), a couple of goblin snipers, and two mawbeast bombs.

Essentially, what you get is what it says on the tin. The mawbeasts look like hellhounds or something rather than squigs, and the goblins look more like goblins than grots, but you can definitely see where they were going.

The level of detail and customizing options looks to be less than what you would get from GW, but on the flip side, you are looking at a set which the street price seems to be half what you would get for a box of Boyz.

Additionally, this looks like a great way to start a crew for one of my favorite pieces of Apocrypha: Gorka Morka!


Phil Millar said...

The price to preorder is £20, so, more than a box of Boyz, I have them and the Booster bundle from the KS, they're the only ones I've assembled so far, they're really cool though, but as you say, not much in the way of options or customisation

CounterFett said...

The place I'm looking at them from has them for $27, which is likely around 13-14 GBP? Sorry, I don't know how to do the lb sign.

Phil Millar said...

Nah, $27 is more like £20 these days!