Friday, December 13, 2013

Pre Order Critique Mantic Deadzone - Plague

I wanted to hate the Plague. I really did. They just seemed like a really uninspired force choice. Amongst Cerberus looking enforcers, Orks, and Serenity style rebels, this flood/bug/zombie analog just really didn't seem that interesting. Yet, as I look at them more, I get more interested.

Essentially, the plague weakens over generations, so the 'first gen' monsters are big and scary, second gen is scary, third gen are essentially undead riflemen, and fourth gen are resident evil dogs. Fun concept, but more than that, the models look PHENOMENAL! Seriously, I want to order a bunch of packs of these and makle Chaos space marine obliterators! Wait, I don't have the new CSM codex, are Oblits still a thing? Whatever.

These models are the unexpected sleeper hit of this release. This took even me by surprise.

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Magos Kasen said...

They are indeed pretty cool. I'm not totally sold on the stage 2s, but the stage 1 is just awesome. I pledged enough to get the alternate sculpt version as well, can't wait to see it.
Deadzone is definitely looking like an awesome new game.