Thursday, December 19, 2013

Umarex XBG Airgun Pistol / Carbine

Coolest thing on the planet? Quite possibly.

So these have been kicking around Walmart for some time, and I have seen them a bit without realizing what they were! It's an air pistol in a mod kit that gives it a stock! I've always wanted one of these! But since the ones for real firearms run like $500 and are illegal where I live, this $40 airgun seems like a nice compromise.

This one was apparently a return, as it is missing the fore-grip that is supposed to come in the set. Typical Walmart, putting it back without checking. But you know what? I don't care, the fore-grip looked stupid anyway! It's a pretty cool kit, and if you so chose, you could replace the XBG pistol with a variety of other tac-railed pistols. I don't think I will, since it seems pointless, but you could do it if you wanted.

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