Thursday, December 26, 2013

World Of Warcraft Mega Bloks - Kung Fu Panda

The other James says this is racist. Because it's a Panda. That Dresses like a kung fu master. I suppose you could see it that way. In any event, the Pandarians are not terribly original on the part of Blizzard, but then again, practically the entire World Of Warcraft setting is lifted from other Fantasy settings. Honestly, most fantasy is lifted from other settings. There's really so much borrowing in fantasy that it's hard to put a finger on who came up with what, so I really just gave up on it years ago.

In any event, this guy comes with what I think is supposed to be a bow. Which is too bad, I was hoping he was going to come with that sweet bamboo staff that you see the Pandarians using in the bigger sets. Whatever, I have a LEGO scale Kung Fu Panda.

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