Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Allergies - You Never See Them Coming

Yes, much like Misaka Mikoto's perfect disguise, I was waylaid over the past weekend by a surprise bout with crippling allergies. It was terrible. I coughed, a lot.
Anyway, that's why I didn't post this weekend. Honest. I do have some gaming and collecting stuff going on this week, as well as a little reviewing for the Examiner that should go live soon. I'm kind of trying to wait for better incentives on the Examiner to post, but we'll see what shakes loose. January ends this week, and hopefully my little impromptu posting boycott will inspre them to incentivize something I can actually do for February. Here's hoping, eh?
I'm thinking of playing some more solo stuff this week, just as a way to kill some time. Dungeon Squad was a lot of fun, and D20 Microlite is proving good for the Adventures of Bryce the Stern. But I was actually thinking of bringing back Solo Dungeon Bash for while I am on breaks at work. What that game amounts to is a grid based map, and you roll dice in each 'room' for monsters and/or treasure. You have the choice for how far you want to advance, and at what pace, and it's a balancing act between exhausting your resources vs. getting better gear to help on your ascent. It's a pretty fun little game.

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Bush Craft said...

Cheap hair products make my face explode 24 hours later. Totes sucks when you make out with some chick at the bar and the next day you look like howard the duck.