Thursday, January 2, 2014

LEGO Movie Sets Out In Stores

The Melting Room. I'll admit I just got this set because it had the cool girl character.
Hey gang, Counterfett here. Sorry for not posting over the holiday break. I had originally intended to, but I ended up working for a chunk of it, and between the job, Skyrim, and trying to find volume 13 of The Shinji Ikari Raising Project (which is currently winging its way to me via Amazon), I really just blew right through to 2014. Oh, speaking of which, Happy New Year everybody!

Getaway Glider. Mostly for the robots. A big challenge of this line is going to be figuring out what to do with this many orange dudes.
Since so much of 2013 was occupied with LEGO sets and how I like to use them for gaming, it's only proper that my inaugural post for 2014 deals with the same subject. I found some LEGO movie sets at TRU yesterday. Now, despite what you might think given TRU's usual pricing on LEGO in general and licensed sets in particular, these sets were about what you would expect to pay at WalMart for a non-movie set. Amazing!

I got the two smaller sets, since I was just wanting to see if I liked them and get the girl and robots. I will have a more detailed examination of them probably later today or tomorrow. The western robot has a mustache that's a seperate piece! Superlative!


Cyborg Trucker said...

You could always start your own prison block for cloned white guys.

CounterFett said...

That seems feasible.

Stu Rat said...

I saw these last week. Couldn't figure out why they didn't have them out for Xmas.

MIK said...

These sets are looking cooler and cooler all the time!

The Happy Whisk said...

Happy Gaming in 2014.