Sunday, January 12, 2014

LEGO Reckoning - The Adventures Of Smurfette

Part the First: Inauspicious Beginnings

So, in the great tradition of LEGO Terraria, LEGO Mound & Blade, as well as the LEGO Adventures of Bjorn Shepard, I felt that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning deserved it's own plucky minifig to chronicle some exploits. Don't know how faithful I'll be to this, or how long I will run it, but should be a bit fun anyway.

Anyway, meet Smurfette. She's a Ljosalfar. Basically that's in-world speak for light elves. In Amalur, the only difference between light elves and dark elves is ideological. There are minor differences in their appearances as well, with the 'light' & 'dark' refering not to their skin or habitat, but to their hair. Ljosalfar tend to have blueish skin and fair hair, while the Dokkalfar tend to white or light gray skin with dark hair. Of course, with the ability to make a blue-girl character in effect, I couldn't resist. Especially since all Ljosalfar seem to have freckles! They're like Liara's fantasy ancestry!

This is how she appears at the beginning of the game. She's just come out of the well of souls, newly back from the dead. The Gnomes dumped her in the pile without a lick of gear, but at least they had the decency to give her some rags to wear. Despite the rags, she has some stylish underwear below it (coincidentally, I discovered you get an achievement if you talk to someone while your character has no clothes on). Here she has the rusty longsword, the very first item you get, which you pull out of the door it is stuck into to get out of the first room. Ironically, you see several of the evil Tuathas' victims pinned into the wall with much better swords than this, but this is the only sword you can loot. Bummer.

Stay tuned for next time in the adventures of Smurfette. Armor!

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