Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Solo Dungeon Bash - Gold Edition - Making The Artwork

I  mentioned Solo Dungeon Bash yesterday as something I was planning on playing more of. I decided that if I was going to spend more time on it, I was going to make a 'deluxe' edition of the grid - based pen and paper game by making graphic tiles that I could place in the squares to show what had happened each turn rather than just writing it in. The Skelly and the Orc are the first two I finished. The Skelly is just the head resized from my old Kawaii Reaper from several months back, but the orc is new artwork. You can probably tell the difference in styles, honestly.
Up next I need to work on more enemies, and some sort of counter for treasure. I don't remember how many different treasure options there are, but I do should probably come up with a different counter for each.

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