Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Solo Gaming - The Return Of The Stern

"Look kids...Big Ben, Parliament!" It's like that scene from European Vacation, but with Kobolds and Rickety Bridges, instead of London landmarks.
Well, as the title suggests, we are long overdue for an update from the world of Bryce the Stern. After grinding him through that dungeon where he had his misstep with the Lesser Mummies and the Bridge, he gained several levels. He was to level 6, but I imposed an 'honesty penalty' since the fall from the bridge would likely have killed him, so I brought him back down to level 5. I let him keep the gold, however, as the proceeds after kicking his tithe to the orthodoxy were enough to buy him a flaming morningstar +2! That's right baby...righteous, burning justice!

Bryce the Stern. Now with 100% more Morningstar. Oh, and I gave him an obscure Mesopotamian patron, just because.
I sent him back down essentially into a similar dungeon, and he smote his way through piles of Kobolds once more. What is it with my dice rolling, by the way? I seem to get an awful lot of Kobolds! But at the end, stuff got real. A Vampire! Now, I am just going to pretend that the hunt for this Vampire was the whole reason Bryce was in that crummy Kobold infested crypt, because that makes a better story. Also, since a Paladin is uniquely suited to stomping a Vampire, I gave my nascent villain a Death Hound (a la Dawnguard), as well as a randomly rolled magical sword, to even the playing field a little.

The Perfidious overlord of the treacherous crypt. Ok, so I retconend him to be the responsible villain after the fact. You have to admit it makes a better story.
Initially, the fight goes against our brave hero, with the hound forcing him to mostly act defensively, and the Vampire's magical sword of frost sapping his ability to fight back! Eventually, however, the Paladin's divine protection overcame even my poor dice rolling, allowing him to smite the vampire! Ishtar must truly love Bryce if I can roll a natural 20! I imagine a natural crit on a vampire with a smite attack with a flaming morningstar must really be a sight to behold.*

*Author's Portrayal of above described Critical Hit
After that, finishing off the lone Death Hound was a snap. And our brave hero regains his stature as a level 6 Paladin! Praise be to Ishtar!

Ishtar seems pleased with her Champion's Progress. Okay, so I have no idea how to portray Ishtar in LEGO or any other form. So I used a bunch of Greco-Roman cliches. It should be fine as long as no one who knows how to do a Wiki search reads the blog, right?
Of course, this means the flaming morningstar +2 has been supplanted by a +3 longsword of frost after only one outing. -sigh- Well it was fun while it lasted.


Stu Rat said...


Who's the cutest widdle deff hound in the whole, wide world?

You are! Yes. You are...

CounterFett said...

He's a Kreo dog that came in the GI Joe Junkyard & Mutt blind pack. I immediately wanted to use him as a Death Hound with my wife's Skyrim minifigs.