Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Ok, sorry for all caps there guys, but I am seriously excited. At the end of the year end special (which was actually pretty good for a recap flick, sort of like rebuild) they show a teaser for Season 2, which will include the Gun Gale Online story arc! Holy Merciful Christ! That means Sinon the Sniper! And Kirito looking like a girl!

See, it has Sinon the Sniper.

Did I mention Sinon the Sniper?

Oh, and Kirito looking like a girl. You thought I was making that up, didn't you?

Oops, why does it only occur to me now that I should have posted this on the Examiner and linked it?


Kuyo said...

Yeah I am excited about the new season as well. I have to thank you though because it was your post a while back that convinced me watch SAO. To say the least it's one of my favorite anime now.

CounterFett said...

Glad to have steered you to it. I'll openly acknowledge I think it's the best anime (I'm not willing to say favorite and unseat Eva, but baby steps!).

Is it wrong to hope that by '2014' they mean, like, late January 2014?