Saturday, February 1, 2014

GI Joe Kreo - Land Adventurer

Back in the '70s (I think), when the military's popularity was at an all time low, here in the States, GI Joe went through the 'adventure team' phase. Rather than overt military themes, the Joes were cast as international Soldiers of Fortune. The Land Adventurer here hearkens to that time.

This is a sort of chase variant, which makes it kind of weird that I got it completely by accident. I had laid off buying these for a while, since the last several times I had bought any Joes they had turned out to be Dr. Mindbender or Dreadnok Ripper. Not much variety, I'm afraid. I squeezed the one pack I found at TRU, and when I found the squishy hair piece, knew it was neither of the previous two, and went ahead and bought it without knowing anything else.

Turns out it was this, which is pretty neat. He comes with decals to make the comic, a pistol, and a FLOCKED hair piece. Sort of an homage to the doll hair of the original I guess. I had no idea it would be flocked, as the package art does not really convey that impression to me. Still, it's a nice touch.

A really cool figure, and a nice surprise!

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Stu Rat said...

That grip doesn't look very Kung Fu-ey...