Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kre-o Cityville - Cemetery Heist

Now, I don't particularly think of Cemeteries as lucrative (or challenging) heist objectives, but maybe that's just because the cemeteries around me do not have rubies the size of my arm attached to the fenceposts!

But in Cityville they do!

This set comes with a bunch of the moving pieces that I am to lazy to do anything with, a Skeletaker (a skeleton undertaker, perhaps?) and 'Rob Jewels' a hapless burglar. Also included is one dope gargoyle! Normally I wouldn't go for this type of set, but TRU had them on clearance and clearance was buy one get one free, so I got two sets for $5. Not too shabby, even if I just use them for parts (which seems likely).

Kelli wants the Skeleton face for cultists for her LEGO Skyrim. So be it.

1 comment:

Magos Kasen said...

Man, I wish some of the cemeteries I'd worked in had rubies on the fence posts.
A very strange set, but sounds like they were a good deal.