Monday, February 17, 2014

Long Weekend Lazy Times

Plus, Figma-uary seems to be running into Fig-march! I really wanted to post the Figma stuff in a month where I can maximize what I get from it, since those are my most expensive collectibles. They need to make back some of that investment. It's funny, but I think I might be the only toy collector who views his collection like a landlord might. I want to see some return darn it! Especially on Halo and Anime stuff, since those are my categories at my more professional writing gig.

Anyway, I did next to nothing this weekend except play Skyrim. I got a character I created on Sunday to level 31. I know a lot of level grinding exploits, I guess.

I was planning on using this weekend to make some more paper and tile miniatures. I have special weapons units printed out (Misaka Snipers!) but they need to be stuck to the tile and cut out, which is a long process. So hopefully that will be up this week as well. I wouldn't put money on it though.

Lastly, I made a few aesthetic changes to the blog. I took down a couple of webring banners that were hopelessly obsolete, and used the space to put in a little sidebar feature showing what anime series I am currently watching and what review I am working on having up next at the Examiner. Check them out!

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