Sunday, February 9, 2014

Making An Army From Paper And Tile - Misaka Mikoto Command Track

Weirdly, this tank is less modified than the 'standard' one I posted so long ago, I edited out the crewman, and replaced him with Misaka Mikoto from the volume 22 artwork. Mikoto and her sisters can sure rock an Ushanka, da?
Okay, so I super forgot about this project for a few months. Who remembers Project Radio Noise? No one? Well, it was my little experiment to see if I could make a feasible multi-game army out of self adhesive tile and printing paper. It has not worked out as well as making the dungeon tiles that way, but still not too shabby.

This is Misaka Mikoto (the Railgun, or Big Sister, as the Radio Noise sisters call her). I got the idea to have her poking out of a tank as a command unit from the World War III story ark because in Volume 23 (I think, it's been a bit since I read them) of the Toaru Majutsu No Index light novels, she takes on a Russian tank division from a captured AFV driven by Misaka 10777. So, I figured having her alight a Com-block looking command tank for this army was perfectly apropos.

Since this project seems to be sort of back on the rails, I guess up next is special weapons!

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