Monday, February 24, 2014

Minifig Monday - Kashyyyk Troopers

You ever hear the saying that ends in '...and sometimes y?' Well, the wookies heard that, and to make sure that sometimes happened, they put three y's in their home-world's name.

In any event, the new Star Wars troop sets are out, and for a change they are around the regular price as this size set, not a few dollars more. Also, they have a new style blaster, which reminds me of a LEGO version of the old rocket launchers that came with first-generation Transformers. Except these work! Also, while not a terrific representation of blasters, they are chunky and adorable, which works with LEGO.

The figures themselves are pretty cool, and in fairly unusual colors. Olive Drab is not a common theme in most LEGO sets, and these are a darn neat exception. You get two of each style of trooper in the set, as well as four blasters. The thing that bugs me about this set is that the swamp speeder uses two of the blasters, so if you want all four guys to be armed, the speeder will not be complete. Oh well.

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