Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Player Character Mortality Update: Or, How To Kill A Perfectly Healthy Gaming Group

Instead of just their characters, I guess.
Well, I like to wrap up loose threads when I can. Over the past week or so, I have been posting some commentary about the turn my gaming group had taken since the DM swap a week earlier. The Fat Lady has sung. This weekend was the last session, as more people had dropped out.
I was trying to take a lighthearted look at the events, as I was not terribly bothered by the high kill count, though I did see it as a bit of a problem. Seems like the other guys had a bigger issue with it than I did. When we met last it was down to just me, one other player, and the DM. That was on this weekend.
Then yesterday (Monday), I happened to run into one of the players who stopped coming in the last meeting, and asked him what was up. I was essentially hoping it wasn't because I have an annoying voice or smell or something. He said he didn't like what we were playing, which is kind of the answer I was expecting. He said that in the last game he came to (Sunday before last) he spent more time rolling characters than playing.
So I guess that's that.

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