Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Postcards From The Shrine of Fundamental Badness

The parade of Player Character deaths continues! I am increasingly sure that we are actually playing through the old D&D Module 'The Temple of Elemental Evil." But, since I am not supposed to know that (my gaming group does not go as far back in RPGs as I do, and they seem to not have believed me the time I told them about just how much I have played and remembered over the years), I jokingly will refer to it here as the Shrine of Fundamental Badness. Seems legit, right?
So, the DM won't let me go with my suffix plan from yesterday's post (sadface, I was really looking forward to an entire lineage dedicated to avenging their fallen forbears). Which I think is funny, since if he's planning on killing characters at a rate seen only in Paranoia, we should get to use the clone system from that game. In any event, we are four sessions deep in the shrine, and I am on my third character. I am considering making a side bar for the blog here with the names of my characters and how they met their demise.
My current character, Kuroyukihime, is an armored cleric, and currently holds the record at surviving two sessions. High AC, good saving throws, and healing spells seem to be making the big difference for her. Almost everyone in the group calls her Kuro, because they cannot remember her name, except for the one guy who calls her 'princess' because he probably knows what her name means. He thought the name was hilarious, so he has probably seen at least part of Accel World.
That's it for now. Like I said, I might make a little running tally, like a memorial wall, on the right side bar this evening (since I can't edit that on my crummy work computer). So now you all have that to look forward to.

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