Friday, March 28, 2014

Articulated Monster And Work Stress

Hey all, Counterfett here. So, Episode 88 of The Articulated Monster Podcast is up and running! Rejoice! Because the other James is so inconsistent about when he posts the new episodes, I have sort of fallen out of the habit of reminding people to listen. So hurry up and listen! This episode is titled "Short One" and lives up to that name. So it won't even take you long.
Also, I had an amusing idea this week (well, it amuses me, anyway, and since I am the important one...). Since my work and home life has been all over the charts the past few weeks, I was thinking of implementing a sort of 'defense condition' (DEFCON) system to show people exactly where my level of mania is at the moment. It would just be something on the sidebar like the review queue. And I think I want to use Taiga Fujimura from the Fate/Stay Night game. She has this little segmment called 'Tiger Dojo' where she gives you hints and advice every time you die. It's more for comedy than actual help, but some parts of it are pretty amusing.
So there's that to look forward to!  

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