Sunday, March 9, 2014

Big Huge Gaming Project (Part IV) - The Mockup

Well, things are beginning to move at a breakneck pace, here at Chez Fett. I managed to gather all of the materials I was planning on using to make a mockup of a Heavy Object for the Big Huge Game Project (maybe I should start abbreviating this? Would BHGP be understandable?).

Measuring and rough cutting. A lot of this is, sadly, eyeballing it and trial and error. I did a fair bit of algebra crunching the numbers on the dimensions from the 2 pieces of art for this Object, but that's still pretty fuzzy, because of the angles!
Being as I am lazy, and not particularly talented at scratch-building, I decided to start as non-ambitious as possible (if a 200,000 ton war machine can be anything but ambitious), and go with an Information Alliance object that the Legitimacy Kingdom codenamed: 'Simple Is Best.' I like the Capitalist Corporations name better though...Grim Reaper!

Measuring and cutting the gun mantlet. This was a bit more precise than most of the rest of the assembly process.
I wanted to make a mockup of wood and basswood to make sure the scale is feasible, and that I can make something worthwhile. Cheap and easy to work with is pretty much the only thing basswood has going for it, so that's that. If I'm happy with the direction this is going (as I am at the moment) I can always switch gears and go straight into finishing.

The Grim Reaper coming apart from its own speed. I was sad when this one was defeated so easily. My next step is attaching the gun, and finding a way to replicate the lower slanted shield on the front and sides. Also, I wish I had been looking at this art while I was designing my own version, as I only now realize I laid the gun wrong. Oh well, maybe it's a follow on version with slightly different specs.
Now, at 1/300 scale, the core segment for an Object would be slightly under 6 inches. The biggest ball my wife could get me at the craft store was 2.5. That would put this mockup in the 3mm or 1/600th scale. That being said, I think a 6 inch sphere would make this thing largely unusable, as it would just be so big that any kind of LoS rule would be useless. Also, the reactor section would be so heavy the basswood parts would simply buckle! And it's still going to be massive at 6mm scale. It's quite a bit bigger than an OGRE mk V, which is colossal in and of itself.

Don't worry, all of that glue dried clear. I just was excited and wanted to take the photo right away.
At this phase, I have done a good chunk of the measuring and cutting. And begun initial assembly. I think it is becoming recognizable as the thing from the picture. Just ignore the fact that the picture is of its namesake's ignoble defeat at the hands of Quenser Barbitage!


Stu Rat said...

It's big enough to be a terrain feature, so a compromise between figure scale and ground scale seems reasonable.

CounterFett said...

That's what I'm going for. Like I said, I grew up on Battletech, so when it comes to having to decide between 'Scale Accuracy' vs Playability, I fall on the playability side every time.