Friday, March 7, 2014

Counterfett's Big Huge Wargaming Project Pt. 2 - Choosing Sides

Wow, sending this through gmail really accentuates the errors, huh?
Well, now that I've more or less decided that I want to move forward with making a Heavy Object themed 6mm army for use with Combat Cards, I need to figure out exactly what side I want to make. The immediate gut response is to make 'the good guys' but for some reasons I'll detail below, I don't think that's necessarily the best idea. Maybe I'll put it up for a vote or something. Also, since this is likely to be solo or (with kids) gaming, I'll probably have to make two sides. So there's no wrong answer, really.
The different factions from the Heavy Object series, as well as a little info on each, are as follows:
  • Legitimacy Kingdom. The 'Good Guys.' Though, given the setting, they aren't that good. This is the faction Quenser and Heivia belong to. The Legitimacy Kingdom is tied up in bloodlines, with all the real political and military clout residing in the noble or royal families. Their official language is based on French, and their 'home countries' are based around Western Europe and England. Upsides being I can use modern English, French, and German armor for supporting forces. Downsides are that only a few Objects are portrayed for the LK, and the Baby Magnum looks hard to build.
  • Information Alliance. The 'Bad Guys,' most of the time. Though, like the above, they're not that bad. The Information Alliance believes that real power lies in the amount and accuracy of your knowledge, as well as the ability to administer it. Their home countries are the Eastern United States and Japan. Upsides for the IA are that they have the most variety of Objects (such as Ohoho's 'Rush,' and my favorite, the Simple Is Best) and that because they are the most technologically advanced, I can get away with more sci-fi looking stuff. Weird looking random armor would not be out of the ordinary with the IA.
  • Capitalist Corporations. The Capitalist Corporations are an alliance of megacorporations that base power around money and possession of valuable resources. Of the factions in the HO universe, I find them to be the most realistic. The CC's home countries are based in the Western US and parts of Japan. Upsides are that most of the CC's military gear is based on early 21st century American gear, which I am most familiar with. Downside is that very few objects are portrayed, and the ones that are might be difficult to build.
  • Faith Organization. A giant coalition of religions that base their culture around belief in pretty much any religion. They are based in Eastern Europe. Upsides, Warsaw Pact gear would fit right in, and man are there options! Also, elite female combate teams known as Valkyries are used for high risk operations, which would be cool, though I have no idea how I would portray that at 6mm. Downsides are that currently the FO has the least info of any of the factions. Also the only known FO Object is the 'Wing Balancer.' which might be difficult to build.
  • Oceanian Military Government (and successor regimes). Essentially a tinpot dictatorship ruling over what used to be Australia. After trying to brutally suppress their own people, they are dismantled by the 'Coalition' of the four major powers. They are then followed up by an conspiracy trying to make a new continental superpower and re-start the cold war. Upsides are that they are a hodgepodge of obsolete and second hand hardware, which means I can use whatever I want to represent their vehicles. Downside being limited Object designs and that since there is no unified theme for their hardware, it will be hard to present them as a cohesive force.
That's it for now. I might be overthinking this. I do that a lot. But, in a way, it's a fun mental exercise.


Magos Kasen said...

Well, my vote would probably be for Oceania, but then, I might be slightly biased...
Anyway, for the Faith Valkyries, would these suit?

CounterFett said...

Oh God that is hilarious! I think the Themis Squads might be a better fit, however!