Saturday, March 15, 2014

Maisto 1:12 Scale Motorcycles

Well, thanks to the Examiner, I now have a pretty nice selection of 6 inch figures of Characters who ride motorcycles. Sadly, most of those character's bikes have not been made (sadface in the case of Black Rock Shooters bike from the game!), or are stupid expensive (Saber's Armored Currassier falls in this category). Nevertheless, I am smarter than your average bear, and went to TRU and bought some Maisto 1:12 bikes.

They're not perfect, but hey, they aren't half bad for $9. The handlebars actually turn the front wheel, and the back wheel has a legitimate sprung shock system. All in all, they look pretty darn good!

I got the black Kawasaki for Black Rock Shooter, and the White Beemer for Saber (they didn't have Silver as I was hoping). It also, as you can tell, works pretty well for Rei. I am considering getting another if I can find one in Red, since Konori Mii rode a red rice rocket in a few scenes of Railgun, which makes it thematic for Misaka.

Rei fits the BMW pretty well. She looks a bit the worse for wear, maybe she should ride with her eyes open?
This is my first real adventure in trying to find accessories for this scale, but I think this worked out pretty well. I think the figures are more technically 1:14 (5.5"), but the bikes look pretty spot on, so no worries.

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