Monday, March 10, 2014

Mass Effect Risk

Yeah, so this is a thing. My wife brought this over to me when we were in Barnes & Noble and just about told me I HAD to buy it. Who am I to argue with such a sweet, beautiful, intelligent woman?

Seriously, who am I?

Sadly, she has also forbidden me from painting the playing pieces unless I can find a second, cheap set. Which is a bummer, because the Mako and Atlas Mech are about perfect for 6mm gaming, as close as I can tell.


paws4thot said...

Idea suddenly occurred. Can/do you mould in resin? If so, can you get permission to use one example of each as a master?

CounterFett said...

The answers to those very interesting questions are no, and probably not.

I like where you're thinking is going though.