Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Cleaning - Counterfett Style

Hey all, Counterfett here. So, I have not really been up to much this week, because work has been stressful, I've not had much time for hobbies, and I have been saving for the Medicom Saber of Awesomeness. That's its official name from now on. Sadly, the above things going on have pretty much made it so there was nothing to post.

On the flip side, I did clean up my desk a bit. Well, the shelves on top at least. I just realized looking at the picture that the desk part of my desk is still loaded with hobby shrapnel and OTC painkillers. Oh, and hey, my computer desktop is Saber Alter! But anyway, I don't know who all remembers how obnoxiously overloaded the shelves were, but now they're all tidy. I was thinking of putting my manga collection there, but it's kind of badly sized for it.

Maybe the Figma/Revoltech/Bandai collection? I dunno.

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