Monday, March 17, 2014

The Wants

Yeah, I got them pretty bad right now. And I blame Other James from the Articulated Monster Podcast.
Despite being into quite a lot of things that usually make people susceptible to 'THE WANTS' (i.e. desperately wanting to impulse buy that cool new thing you found online), such as anime, wargaming, and toy collecting, I am usually pretty resistant to its siren call. But then, this. I love me some Saber. This is the Medicom 1:6 scale version of the Legendary Hero, in her iconic armored look. I think I need this. This is more practical than it seems at first glance, since I am currently in the painful process of acquiring all of her variations in Figma or Revoltech form. With this, I could just get outfits for her to change into, and forgo several limited edition 6" figures.
So anyway, it got me to wondering. What things are out there that YOU guys just have to have? Like I said, I'm usually pretty resistant to this, as even though I'm interested in lots dangerous hobbies for this, I'm too cheap and my interests are too varied to really have this be a frequent problem.

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