Monday, March 31, 2014

Toys For Wagaming - Zinkies Military Crew

That's not the price I paid. I think it came to $4.78
So, I found myself in a Toys R Us yesterday, on the way to something else, and I saw some of those Zinkies army packs. I had seen them a long time ago, in WalMart I think, and never bought them, but since I am into smaller scale wargaming now than I was then, I figured the time was right. Plus, TRU had a deal where green clearance tags were an extra 40% off.

See, it looks like a Rhino, or maybe a Land Raider? My time away from 40k is starting to show.
They are a bit squishy and soft on detail, but at that size they honestly get the job done. They also come with the worlds worst pair of tweezers (which I promptly threw away), a miniature tank (which looks more like an APC to my eye, and a Rhino at that!), and a carrier to hold them. Astonishingly, the carrier works exactly as advertised, and holds all 36 figures! It's like a Christmas Miracle.

This thing is amazing. It actually holds all 36 dudes.
Now, to just decide what games I want to play with these guys.

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