Sunday, April 20, 2014

LEGO 75037 - Battle On Saleucami

Yup, the last of my posts about that release of Star Wars troop and battle packs. Battle on Saleucami includes a BARC trooper on BARC (what else), two battle droids, two super battle droids, a STAP, and a Separatist bunker/machine gun nest thingie. This 'battle' seems to be a little one sided, unless this BARC fellow is really on top of his stuff.

The STAP always seemed like a superior patrol and reconnaissance vehicle if you ask me to the more conventionally laid out speeders of the Republic and Empire. Better view, smaller footprint, and they seem more free in altitude control.

Mostly, I got this set because I wanted more Super Battle Droids. You can never have enough of those dudes.

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