Friday, April 18, 2014

Ma Po Tofu and 600k

I didn't edit this picture, so you can click it for an obnoxious level of detail!
Yeah, so much Ma Po Tofu references in Type-Moon properties of late made me really want to get some. It was pretty good. Though I think I got kind of grossed out on it by the end. The taste is phenomenal when you are hungry, but as you start getting full, you notice more and more that the tofu has the consistency of wet play dough. My buddy Bobby mentioned that this is different from the Ma Po you get most places, and that I should try it at the other Chinese place we go to. Might give it a go next week (someone has to take me out for my B-day!).

Also, the blog has just reached over 600,000 unique visits. Which is something, really. The stat itself is meaningless, as I hit it a long time ago if you count all of the blogs together. But since All Things Fett is the first and most central, it will always have a special place in my heart.

600k! That's slightly more than the population of Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, or Las Vegas. Just a teensy bit less than Portland, Oregon.

Thanks so much guys and gals!

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