Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Toys For Wargaming - Zinkies Space Alliance

Well, if there was a package of little green army men, then of course there would be outlandishly colored aliens to oppose then, right? Well, there is. The 'Space Alliance' is a group of red (with one grey and one blue) aliens who seem heck bent on opposing the stalwart defenders of the earth.

Included in the pack is a 'Battle Interceptor' which I would have been happier with if it had been a little less...formless? Seriously, why couldn't they have taken a page from the not-quite-a-rhino that the army men came with and ripped off some sort of 40k tank?

Whatever. It's a pretty cool set, it comes with a little 'landing pod' to hold all of the guys, which is a tighter fit since it's smaller than the Army Men equivalent. The tweezers are slightly less useless than the army men version, but I threw them away as well. Same goes for the magnifying glass I didn't even notice in the other set. I kind of wish I had got into this early enough to have got the robot set, but whatever.

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