Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

So, the next big news on teh internet seems to be that D&D 5e is on the proverbial horizon. This puts me in a complicated mood. There are some parallels here with the 7th edition release of Warhammer 40k that make me cautious in how I write about it. I will explain a little more in a sec.
Like Warhammer, I skipped an edition, having not bought or played D&D 4e. Like Warhammer, I absolutely loved the edition prior to the one I skipped, in this case D&D 3e, which was the birthplace of d20, a system I absolutely cherished.
Unlike Warhammer, however, The issue of how long it has been between editions doesn't rankle me. I'm too lazy to actually check when 3e came out, but I remember that my older brother bought me the DMG, Players Handbook, and monster manual for my April 1998! Further, I remember one of my co-workers trying to convince me to join his 4e group, which had been going for a while, back in mid 2008.
So, I'm actually, tentatively, provisionally, excited about this one. Sorry GW, my D&D roots apparently go back a lot farther, and I simply trust Wizards of the Coast a lot more.


paws4thot said...

That's sort of my thinking too; there's a lot longer between AD&D editions, and there actually fewer pressures saying "you must have $latest_edition" as long as you have a consistent set of editions, or at least have the ability to swap monster types to keep the challenge level suitable for the party.

CounterFett said...

That's something I hadn't thought of directly. No one ever looked down on me for still playing 3e (or any d20 derivatives thereof). It's a homebrew friendly environment, so no one really cares what you run, as long as everyone enjoys it.

I did, however, catch some flak for using terminology from an earlier edition in 40k. Not even in a game, just talking about list ideas.