Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hannah Barbera Captain Caveman

Cap-taaaaaain Cave-maaaaaaaaaan!

Ok, so Captain Caveman was my favorite Saturday morning cartoon growing up. Not sure why exactly, I barely remember it, and it was not ever on as often as a lot of the other famous Hannah Barbera franchises. I just remember admiring the plucky caveman with his simple quest for justice and ridiculous strength.

And...that's pretty much it.

Anyway, I wanted to get these when they came out, but didn't want to spend as much as the label price at Toys R Us, which is the only place I knew of which carried them. Then the 60% clearance happened, and I couldn't find one. Then I saw one which was an obvious return item (damaged packaging), but decided it was worth the risk at $2.

Glad I did. The Cap has a pretty admirable degree of articulation, considering. Hands, shoulders, ankles, waist (the waist looks bad because I didn't realize I could make that line less visible by pressing it down before I took the picture). Also, his whiskers and loose hairs are a lot less delicate than you'd think.

Get it for $2 while you have the chance.

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