Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kantai Collection Tabletop RPG

Kantai Collection is a social browser game where players command naval battles using anthromorphic female personifications of Japanese (and a few German and Russian) warships. It's currently only available in Japan, unless you use an IVN, which I certainly am not doing, as that would void my user agreement! And we all know what a stickler I am for my user agreements!

The fun thing about this game is the different abilities and personalities of the different ships, the art for whom is done largely by the same guy who did the character design for Strike Witches, another series about WWII military hardware anthromorphism. Also, since most of the characters from Evangelion have ship names for family names, it's kind of funny to have task group with all of the NERV gang (Akagi, Ayanami, Shikinami, Soryu, Kirishima, etc.).

Akagi, the pride of the First Carrier Group.
The game is in the major merchandising craze stage now, with Manga, Light Novel, Anime, and Toy Adaptations all either out or coming soon. The Tabletop RPG, however, is already out! And that's where a big chuck of the fun comes in! This can already be had translated to the King's English here (in abridged, non illustrated form, sadly).

Kirishima, the little battleship that could.
I got this and played around with it a little. Surprisingly, it is a fun, thoughtful game that does a pretty good job of encapsulating the game experience for a pen & paper RPG session. It even comes with an onboard solo play mode, something I have always loved.

Tenryuu, she's got an eyepatch and she's cheap, and I mean that in the best way possible.
As the illustrations throughout attest, my solo task force is comprised of Akagi, Kirishima, and Tenryuu. Akagi is a tough, if resource intensive, flagship which always makes me smile because she's Ritsuko Akagi's namesake. Kirishima is a brawler, always ready for a mic check (just google 'Kirishima Mic Check' if you want an obscure PG-13 meme), and the namesake for Mana Kirishima, my favorite EVA character. Tenryuu is a tough little torpedo light cruiser, which costs the same as a destroyer to run, but hits considerably harder. She balances out Akagi's gluttony, and while she has no EVA equivalent, she is a girl with an eyepatch, and you all probably know my stance on that sort of thing!

I think it's time for a "Mic Check"
From a Min/Max standpoint, I should have included Shimakaze, because her 'one girl fleet' ability is a little OP, but everyone likes her, and her costume actually annoys me. Also, I would love to have been able to include Ayanami, but for some reason, she is not the Ayanami class destroyer that is included in the paper rules. Seriously, this game needs more Rei!

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