Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pop Vinyl Yoda Bobblehead

This is the sort of thing that I get from distant family members. Somehow, in my youth, it became known that I was the guy that was 'into Star Wars.' I guess I sort of am. I used to be anyway. I never became a Star Wars basher the way a lot of people have in the past few years, I don't dislike Star Wars, per se. In fact, I periodically get back into it when certain criteria are met (see recent SW: The Old Republic fixation for details).

So, when my wife got this for her birthday, it sort of ended up in my stuff after we got home.

Now what the heck am I going to do with a Yoda bobblehead? Seriously. Like all Pop Vinyl stuff, it's painfully adorable. Seems well put together, too. The eyes creep my out a little bit, but that could just be my Ommatophobia acting up. Seriously, I have a weird thing about being creeped out by strange eye colors, or glowing eyes, or eyes that change colors. I had a very difficult time with the Asari in Mass Effect.

Oh, but Yoda. Yeah, he's adorable, except for the eyes. I'll probably keep him in the packaging...facing the wall.

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