Sunday, May 18, 2014

Toothless - Dreamwoks Dragons Battle Figures

I hope since they are calling them battle figures that there is a game somewhere I can get for some dragon v. dragon combat!

Anyway, my wife got these at the store yesterday. Interestingly, there are two different versions labelled 'Toothless.' The one here with the tail raised is larger and heavier, and has the repaired tail fin (the red part showing on the port tail).

While this one is smaller, lighter, and has an all black tail. Just weird. Pretty cool figures all said. Just the ticket if someone in your family is a fan of the 'How to..." series, or a lover of Dragons in general.

This was going to be a 'Minifig Monday' post, but since my article that was supposed to go up today is not finished, and I didn't want to go THREE days without posting at all, I decided to just drop the hammer on this one a day early.

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