Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gaming Motivation - Stealing Ideas From Wherever You Can

Okay, I know motivation and ideas are two different things, but for me they amount to the same thing in practical terms. When I have a cool idea for a game, I want to play it. Since so much of my gaming is solo, I can usualy just run with any old hare-brained scheme I come up with. In the case of croup gaming, character ideas equal motivation if I am a player, and adventure hooks in the event I am the GM/DM/Referee.
Lately, I have been stealing a lot of gaming ideas, and 'mojo' for lack of a better term, from anime. Not solely because I have been so into anime lately, though of course that is a part, but also because anime spans so many sub-genres and borrows from so many themes in its own right. For instance, right now I am slogging my way through One Piece (God help me!). While it is tedious in places, it has its moments.
Despite the generous overcoat of piratey setting, for me, One Piece is most thematically related to a Spaghetti Western. Lots of showdowns, helping out townsfolk under the thumb of corrupt lawmen, and long walks down dusty boulevards on the way to have it out with the local heavy (like the scene from Episode 37 in the photo). It's like gunsmoke or rawhide, but brightly colored, and with scantily clad women.
So, where have all of YOUR gaming ideas been coming from, of late?

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WQRobb said...

My son has been reading "Dune" by Frank Herbert for his summer reading for school, and that's taking me back. I'm also watching some of these soap opera/thriller TV shows on Netflix that have been inspirational.