Friday, June 6, 2014

LEGO Minecraft

Well, in the 'we knew it would all happen eventually' department, my wife finally dropped the hammer on the LEGO Minecraft sets. Yes, all four at once. Instead of spreading the pain for her long suffering husband and getting them as they came out, she got all four at once.

The End - this set comes with some spire, the Ender Dragon (final boss) and a bunch of Endermen.

Micro World - here we have the games 'default biome' complete with trees, a river, some rocks, and what appears to be a resource rich unerground section. This comes with Steve and a Creeper.

The Village - Villages were added in the last beta patch, if I recall correctly, before release. This set comes with a pig, a villager, and a zombie. There also appears to be more in the way of caverns below the village.

The Nether - comes with portal, lava, obsidian and nether rock, two ghasts, and a zombie pigman. I think the zombie pigman might be the highlight of the series.

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Stu Rat said...

The bandaid method-all at once.