Saturday, June 14, 2014

Toys For Wargaming: Crayola Create 2 Destroy - Suburban Slam

If dinosaurs had RPG classes, ankylosaurus would be a cleric or paladin.
Well, all of you likely know that my evolution as a wargamer began with games like this as a child. Taking turns flinging projectiles at army men brigades or block castles. The rules could get pretty intricate on the home made versions, but I remember that my brother and I each got a set of castle-linking-blocks-with-catapults on year for Christmas, and we switched half of each other sets (they came with red and blue) so that we could each have a huge opposing castle.

So when I saw these Crayola sets which come with molds for their play dough analogue, I was pretty stoked. Being the cheapskate grownup that I am now, however, they were more than I was willing to spend. Then they went on clearance, and I decided I absolutely needed this set. See, as much of a crowd pleaser as a big sauropod or theropod can be, my favorite Dino growing up was the humble Ankylosaurus. Why you ask? Well, he looks like the kind of brother that minds his own business. But if someone messes with him, watch out! I mean he comes with armor and a mace! He's practically a paladin!

I wish I had bought more of these, but I suppose I might be able to find some more if I just look. At this point, this is a few months out. I haven't bought any toys or games for several weeks (hence the reduced posting schedule), and I am squeaking by with these posts on the massive backlog I have in my office.


eriochrome said...

One of my local stores had these at like 90% off so I bought I think a whole set. I do not really care for their dough type material though. It is too gritty and they warn you it can damage surfaces.

CounterFett said...

I'm with you on that, but to be honest, I didn't care about the dough itself, I just wanted a Dino-pult! Do you think these things could shoot marbles or the like?

eriochrome said...

Yu'll shoot your eye out.